Understanding the core features of Timely Training

Manage, track and ensure compliance across your business regardless of its size, complexity, sector or industry.


Training Essentials

Learning Management System


Gain instant, unrestricted and unlimited access to over 80 courses that can be used anywhere at any time.


Dynamic generation of unique assessments drawn from a bank of diverse questions.


Link certificates to online assessments, which are automatically created, awarded and distributed when pre-set criteria are achieved.

Graphical Dashboards

View graphical dashboards that display informative, accurate information in an easy to digest format.

Course Catalogue

Streamline administration; users can self-select courses for enrolment from an online catalogue.


Generate a plethora of reports with the click of a button including completion and non-completion status reports.

Track Progress

Track the progress and status of your employees, teams and departments progress as they complete their training.

Fully Interactive

Deploy modern, fully interactive engaging content with the click of a button.

User Profiles

Training records and personal profiles of all users are compiled automatically as they access and complete their chosen learning paths.

Learning Groups

Group courses into learning curriculums which in turn link to job roles allowing for automated learning allocation.


Earn points for every course and quiz completion and view a league table to see your users and locations position.


Stay compliant by receiving course enrolment, course completion and activity reminders in the form of notifications and emails.

Admin and Support


Create users and allow instant access to your content assets and training courses.


Allocate managers to users so they can view, approve track and report on their teams or departments progress and activity.

Permissions and Privacy Controls

Easily customise user permissions allowing you to manage your tempus system access, functionality and roles.


Built on an e-Cloud solution, allowing scalability and growth from literally hundreds to hundreds of thousands of users.

Data Security

Tempus is GDPR compliant and comes with an extensive set of security settings, from strong passwords to encrypted communications.


Our knowledgeable support team is available to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues you have. You can also search through our extensive media library for step-by-step video tutorials.

Training Premium

Training Management

Live events

Create and organise live events and publish them to your catalogues for either self-enrolment or manual allocation.


Schedule webinar sessions, share event details that populate within user dashboards, and automate sending reminders.


Create blended learning programmes that take place throughout the year and include live events, webinars and eLearning courses.

Cost Centers

Create cost centres and assign Cost Center managers so costs can be tracked and expenditures monitored.

Manager Approval

Multi-level approval allows all delegate applications to be reviewed, approved or denied by both Managers and Cost Center Managers.


Assign costs for multiple resources from locations to trainers and expenses, allowing you to forecast profit or find your break-even.

Joining Instructions

Automate all system communications from successful enrolments, approval rejection, pre-learning and joining instructions.


Track and log confirmed and provisional bookings and build a waitlist allowing you to predict the need for new events.


Registers are automatically generated and quickly and easily mark attendance and assign grades.


Assign skills, qualifications and certificates to all courses and build an entire learner history for all your employees.



Publish and organise documents into appropriate categories and subcategories to distribute to your user community.


Upload Word, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints and more!


View documents online or download to a local device.


Easily maintain control of all your documents by tracking authors, amendments and upload and archive dates.


Share your documentation and choose who has access to your files. Allow access by department, location or job role!


Permission management gives you the flexibility in deciding who can view, download, archive and upload documents.


Never delete, archive! Easily see what has been removed, by whom and when then restore with a click.


Single Sign-On

Allow users to connect to multiple systems using secure single sign-on.

Robust Rest API

Reduce your administration overhead by seamlessly exchanging data between systems using secure Restful-API’s, such as HR and payroll portals.

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