The all-in-one Safety Management System

Tempus provides the complete end to end process for managing staff training, compliance and risk management.  Our online safety management system is cloud based and simple to use.

Complete Safety Management

Why use Tempus? Tempus gives you everything you need to manage the complete end to end safety process within your operations.

Create assets in seconds!

Reduce valuable time by gaining access to a library of ready made audits, assessments, checklists, documentation and online training materials!  Easily create, edit, schedule and complete tasks as well as track and record all levels of compliance in one easy to use system.


Use our powerful form building tool to easily and quickly create or edit assets in seconds!

Get Set...

Schedule tasks and stay notified on their progress, status and continuously monitor analytics.


Complete every activity online and gain comprehensive visibility of your operational risks.


Gain instant unlimited access to and use of a library of over 100 interactive online training courses that are continuously maintained, updated and added to!



Tempus collects training and safety information then presents the results in convenient dashboards and reports. This data can be dynamically shaped to be presented at any level within the business, giving you an unparalleled vision of the status of your business.


Tempus proactively sends out timely reminders in the form of notifications and emails, guaranteeing that everyone involved is aware of any due actions and tasks whilst at the same time ensuring safety is continuously monitored.


Create and share an accurate company-wide hazards database using robust templates that guide the author through the process of defining the nature of the hazard and how a task should be safely carried out.  Freely populate with physical or task-related hazards with clear instructions on how to proceed and comply with the companies policy and the laws that govern.

For your eyes only

The Hazard database creates a dynamic online Safety Manual that is company-specific. Access is permission controlled ensuring that the right people at the right time have access to view, create or update when the need arises.

Incident Management

Raise Incidents

Report incidents of any type and view their progress with easy to read graphical dashboards that clearly show open, closed and pending incidents.

Streamline Requests

Create predefined incident forms ensuring your users capture important and relevant information that can be raised and tracked through to resolution.

Create Workflows

Build powerful hierarchy structures allowing incident allocation and assignment to be routed to the appropriate individual or team.

Project Management

Manage the complete incident cycle by creating project teams to investigate, collaborate and manage the issue through to its resolution.  Set tasks and create clear ownership of actions giving clear visibility of the potential compliance risks across your business.


Communicate in real-time with your team allowing them to comment on tasks and discuss projects.

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop by receiving automatic notifications and messages that matter to you and your projects.

Sharing is caring

Drag and drop files and easily save, store and share them with project team members.


Keep it private

Make your projects and teams private to ensure a safe secure workplace for sensitive work.

Document Management

Do away with easy to lose paper and store all your necessary documentation and materials on one secure platform.
Stay in Control
Define robust access permissions ensuring you maintain control and share access with the appropriate team members, locations and job roles within your business.
Cyrstal Clear
Never delete your documents, archive them! Track when documents were archived, by whom and restore quickly.

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