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Malcolm Bland

Managing Director at Timely Intervention

How to create a safety culture simplified

Developing a safety culture is a long game as is all sustainable behavioural change. For the leadership to be proactive and model values and drive continuous improvement they need visibility of the status and issues across the business landscape. Training is, of course, important, but it needs to be targeted and applied systematically addressing knowledge and skills gaps and nurture a learning culture. Systems such as safety measures, procedures and policies are key to enabling the correct behaviour to be adopted, however, every system needs to appropriate, monitored and adjusted as the operational environment evolves.



  • Model behaviours
  • Recognise achievement
  • Devolve responsibility
  • Demand accountability
  • Monitor, manage and modify


  • Enable through enlightenment
  • Encourage employee contribution to the safety agenda
  • Systematically address knowledge and skills gaps
  • Nurture a learning culture


  • Ensure systems are fit for purpose and aligned to the strategy
  • Monitor effectiveness and modify to ensure continuous improvement


  • Understand the current status
  • Set ambitious yet achievable goals
  • Define methods of measurements and track progress
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