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Dealing with Grievance


This course examines how early intervention might prevent a grievance and the best practice procedures from being followed to reduce the escalation to an employment tribunal. The learner will gain an understanding of managing people and ensuring fair and equitable treatment in the workplace.

What's covered?

The definition of grievance
How to recognise a potential grievance
Employee rights
Trade union membership rights
Procedures to be followed
Avoiding claims of unfair dismissal

Developing Self-Awareness


The first step towards personal performance improvement starts with self-awareness.  This course guides the -process of self-reflection to provide the learner with an insight into their behaviour profile, the strategies they might employ to improve their behaviour and performance.

What's covered?

The importance of managing yourself
Conscious and unconscious habits
Self-reflection techniques
Types of feedback
360-degree feedback
Role models
Emotional intelligence

Effective Feedback


Supervisors and managers can find the process of giving feedback to others one of the most challenging aspects of people management.  It can be the case that they are uncomfortable with providing praise or concerned that they may encounter forceful push back when correcting behaviour or discussing poor performance. This course teaches the techniques for delivering positive and negative feedback and how to deal with difficult conversations.

What's covered?

Purpose of constructive feedback
The importance of praise
Appraisal meetings
Constructive Feedback Model
Encouraging involvement
Challenging conversations
Action planning, monitoring and reviews

Effective Goal Setting


People need a sense of purpose, to know what is expected of them and to be able to judge their performance against these criteria.  Equally, they want to know that their manager understands the contribution they make to the organisation and that their work is recognised.

What's covered?

The benefits of setting goals
Cascading objectives
Setting goals
Stretch goals

Effective Interpersonal Skills


Assertiveness is an essential and necessary interpersonal skill for everyone that leads teams or groups of people. This course examines different personality styles and how to use techniques to handle interactions with aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviour.

What's covered?

Three dominant behavioural styles
How to encourage co-operation
Overcoming passive aggressive behaviour
Impact of aggressive behaviour
Tactics and techniques
How to deal with demands
How to give and recieve criticism
Practical tips for being assetive

Effective Time Management


The ability to effectively and efficiently use time is an essential skill for every manager and team leader. Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, significantly to increase effectiveness, efficiency, or productivity.

What's covered?

Benefits of time management
Efficient vs. Effective time management
Prioritising urgent vs. important tasks
Workflow and task management
The four D’s decision model
Understanding decision points
Managing emails

Enabling Great Performance


In a high performing organisation, it is vital that the people within the business understand, how the work they carry out day to day supports the operational objectives. People are the essential element for success, only with a focused, motivated, competent workforce, will an organisation generate outstanding performance.

What's covered?

Importance of aligning of objectives
Defining performance standards
Mckinsey Seven S Model
Assessing alignment
Dangers of non-alignment
Embedding the Vision, Mission and Values
Performance culture


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Gross Misconduct Assessment
Work-related stress
Signs of possible drug or alcohol abuse
Work-related stress
Young person, task assignment

Disciplinary Penalty Process audit

Misconduct reliability check
Covert surveillance justification
Disciplinary Hearing Planning
Disciplinary Penalty
Misconduct guidance for HR
Disciplinary Hearing – Conducting a Hearing
Misconduct reliability check
New Employee Induction
Recruitment Process
Return to Work
Performance Improvement Plan
Unpaid work trial
Stress check

Potential Misconduct

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