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The Personal Licence Holder course provides both the training and mock examination necessary for the learner to prepare for a Personal License examination APLH (England, Wales, and NI) or the SCPLH examination (Scotland).  This course is suitable for anyone wishing to manage the sale of alcohol and other age restricted sales, in any form of licensed premise.

  • The licensing law and associated penalties.
  • The legal age for alcohol purchase and consumption.
  • Proof of age.
  • The legal definition of alcohol and how it is measured.
  • Why the effect of alcohol consumption varies?
  • Your personal accountability to serve or sell alcohol responsibly.
  • Your personal accountability to prevent smoking in prohibited areas.
  • How to identify potential drug use.
  • The protection of young people in relation to age related sales
  • Sale of alcohol to children.
  • Personal diligence.
  • Challenge 21 and 25 schemes.
  • Validation of age and test purchasing.
  • Other age-related sales.
  • How to refuse a sale.
  • Dealing with conflict.
  • The requirements of a personal License.
  • The requirements of a premise License.
  • Application procedures and renewal.
  • Suspension forfeit and endorsement.
  • Variations and mandatory conditions.

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