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The laws that govern licensing apply to all businesses selling alcohol, it is vital that everyone involved in the sale of alcoholic drinks is aware of the law governing the sale of alcoholic drinks.  This course provides simple guidelines and recommended best practices, ideal for meeting the training requirements of non- licensed employees.  The course will ensure the learner knows their personal accountability with respect to age validation, identifying drug use, responsibilities with respect to smoking and gambling on the premises.

By completing this course, the learner will understand the basics of the laws that govern the sale of alcohol thereby, ensuring your business trades within the law and the premises license and your business is not put in jeopardy. This course is for all team members who work either full-time or part-time in support of the sales or serving of alcoholic drinks to the public for consumption on the premises e.g. public house, restaurant, hotel, or club.  This course will provide all the training needed to sell alcohol legally and responsibly.

  • The law that governs licensing.
  • Personal responsibilities.
  • The definition of alcohol and the effects of alcohol consumption.
  • Factors affecting the reaction to alcohol.
  • Driving under the influence.
  • The difference between Low-alcohol drinks vs. alcohol free drinks.
  • The protection of young people in relation to age related sales.
  • Sale of alcohol to children.
  • Personal diligence.
  • Challenge 21 and 25 schemes.
  • Validation of age and test purchasing.
  • Other age-related sales.
  • How to refuse a sale.
  • How to avoid a confrontation.
  • Illegal drug dealing.
  • Safe disposal of drug paraphernalia.
  • Smoking law.
  • Gaming act.

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