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Unfortunately, it is likely that more than 400 people will die from food poisoning in England every year. It is therefore clearly very important that everyone who servers’ food and drink to the public understands their personal responsibilities and the measure to be taken to ensure the safety of the food and beverages served.  This foundation course is for all team members involved with food service. This course is for all team members who work either full-time or part-time in support of the sales or serving of food and drink to the public.

  • The consequences and benefits of good food standards.
  • The symptoms of food poisoning.
  • People at most risk of food poisoning.
  • The role of enforcement officers.
  • The dangers associated with bacteria, the possible sources.
  • Types of contamination and the steps to be taken to prevent them occurring.
  • The need for personal hygiene.
  • The importance of food safety in relation to fool allergies.
  • Forms and sources of food allergy.
  • The symptoms associated with an allergic reaction.
  • Responsibilities in relation to the licensing law.
  • Responsibilities in regard to smoking in public places.
  • The possible misuse and dealing of drugs.

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