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Fire Safety for Managers (Irish Law)




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The potential of fire is a major risk to every organisation; all business managers and site managers have a responsibility to understand the hazards in their location and the measure that should be taken to prevent fire. The management of fire safety is a fundamental requirement of every manager as well as having a personal liability of ensuring a safe working environment for employees and public safety.  This course provided managers with a thorough understanding of their responsibilities and how to apply good working practices to ensure fire safety.

  • The law and associated offenses.
  • The implications of non-compliance and the burden of proof.
  • Fire inspections and appealing a notice.
  • Chain of accountability.
  • The provision of information.
  • Fire and bomb drills.
  • Reviewing fire risk assessments.
  • Evaluating risk.
  • Disseminating information.
  • Identifying people potentially at risk.
  • Identifying hazards.
  • The fire triangle.
  • Measures to reduce the risk of fire.

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