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Child Protection Officer


It is widely accepted that it is the responsibility of every adult to protect children from harm, inappropriate behaviour, or any form of abuse.  This course explains how to establish and maintain processes that ensure the duty of care necessary to safeguard the welfare of children and protect them from harm.

What's covered?

The na
Pathogenic and Parasitic Micro-organisms
The five key types of micro-organisms
How to reduce the spread of infection
The use of Personal Protective Equipment
Waste Management
How to safely deal with a biological spillage
Laundry Management

Safeguarding Children


It is the responsibility of every adult to protect children and members of vulnerable groups from any abuse. This course aims to dispel myths and provide piratical training to anyone who works with or is in regular contact with children and or vulnerable groups.

What's covered?

The importance of vigilance
Types of abuse and bullying
Profile of potential abusers
Who may be at risk
How to recognise and report abuse
How to respond to complaints or allegations

TACT (Dealing with difficult situations)


Children love to have fun; sometimes, their idea of fun disregards their safety of others or becomes boisterous and annoying to other customers. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that the child’s supervising adult may react emotionally when their child is corrected.  The course explores how to avoid confrontational situations by adopting a communication style that allows the team member to intervene positively and tactfully to prevent a problem from escalating.

What's covered?

Maintaining a relaxing fun enviroment
Behavioural standards expected of children
Acting with positive intent
Consequences disruptive behaviour
Four steps of TACT


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